This section contains some of the wetlook stories I've downloaded from the internet. I've tried to keep the original attribution, where possible, but some stories either never had any or I've lost them somewhere.

I've edited the layout of the stories to try and create a consistent look and feel across the site. I've also corrected some spelling and other typos. Where stories were originally published as a series of episodes I've concatenated them into a single page, but kept the original chapter headings.

If the original authors object to their work being included on this site, or would like to add any additional background information please contact me at



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The Stories

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   The pictures are from my collection downloaded from the internet,
            they are only loosely, if at all, related to the story content.
            If any of these belong to you and you want them credited or removed
            please let me know.


August 2023: More stories from Tobias.

December 2020: Two new WetDoc stories.

December 2019: Added a few more Bruno translations.

October 2017: Three more WetDoc stories, lots of Beachdreamer updates.

May 2017: Added the first of the BeachDreamer stories.

April 2017: Added another story by WetDoc.

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December 2016: Translations of medikava's stories.

October 2016: Translations of Matty4's stories.

September 2016: 3 new translations of AlexKievUA stories.

August 2016: Translations of Bruno's stories.

August 2016: Part three of AlexKievUA's "Wet Quartet" story.

Bruno's Stories

Bruno is (at the time of writing) the largest contributor to Siren's story page. Most of his stories are in English but some are in French or German. I've collected the English and German ones here, I'm still working on the French ones.

English (1-20): A collection of stories written by Bruno in English. Republished from Siren's site with Bruno's permission.
English (21-40): Another batch of 20 stories from Bruno.
English (41+): The final batch of English stories from Bruno.
German Translations: This set were originally written in German, the English translations are by me.

Various Authors

Tobias: A collection of stories, some with pictures.
Hylas: Stories by Hylas. Currently only one.
Julie Jeans: My collection of Jeans Julie (and Greg) stories. Originally on the "Joys of Wet Clothing" site.
Various Shorts (I): This page contains a random selection of the shorter stories I've downloaded. Most of them are anonymous, others are by "wetman", "Kimi", "John" and "wetfrog"..
Various Shorts (II): Another random selection of the shorter stories I've downloaded, including contributions from "Sue", "wetdarb", "Sharon" and "chribbly".
Various Shorts (III): Another random selection of the stories I've downloaded, slightly longer than the earlier ones." This time including contributions from "wetimer", "BillH", "Miss Fanny" and "CF".
Various Shorts (IV): Another random selection of the stories I've downloaded, slightly longer than the earlier ones." This time including contributions from "Anna", "Amf", "Jake" and "WetJess".
Various Shorts (V): Another random selection of the shorter stories I've downloaded." This time including contributions from "Bill", "Rick", "steve" and "Lucky Luc".
Rene: A collection of six stories by Rene.
Poliut: A collection of five stories by Poliut.
Jane: A collection of articles by "Jane", describing her past wetlook experiences and how they help form her relationship with George. The collection seems to be incomplete.
Wet Satin: A collection of stories from Wet Satin. I downloaded most of these from "Gary Kay's Wetting Album".
Lord Sopping: A collection of stories from Lord Sopping. These came from "Gary Kay's Wetting Album".
Nick: "Nick" uses an office bet to lure work colleague "Sharon" into the pool, where they are joined by a bunch of other couples.
Scuba Lessons: Five episodes depicting a weekly scuba diving class in which the heroine always "forgets" to bring her swimsuit. As the course progresses she persuades the other ladies to do likewise.
Nemesoak: A collection of stories based on female TV presenters, whom, because of the exigencies of their job, tend to find themselves in wet situations, where they discover they enjoy the experience of wet clothes.
Bob: Bob has written at least 28 stories, but I seem to be missing most of the earlier ones. The stories are single episode encounters feature a variety of people. Google has flagged these as containing "Adult: Sexual content".
WetCausal: Brian has moved into a new neighbourhood, where he is welcomed by Cynthia, who helps him move in. Brian doesn't hang around and one week later he's enticing her, still wearing her blue dress, into his swimming pool.
Muppet: I found these stories on Siren's site. They tell of a group of sports science students a survival swimming course who discover they actually enjoy swimming in their clothes. From then onwards they miss no opportunity to get wet, recruiting other girls into the group as they go.
WetDoc: These stories feature female new presenters who cover a variety of events at swimming pools and aqua parks. Invariably, at some point in the feature, the end up swimming in their clothes.

Donna and Chad (By "RM")

Skiing: Chad and Donna had been dating for several months when he invited her to accompany him on the company ski trip. Here they meet up with Jim and Susan, allowing Donna to seduce Susan into joining in her wet clothes passion.
Boat Trip: A mutual friend, Tom, has invited Chad, Donna, Jim and Susan on a boat trip. Susan and Donna surprise Tom's wife, Karen, by dressing up in their classiest gear before diving into the sea for a swim. It doesn't take Karen long to get the bug, and she's off to the cabin to replace her swimsuit with something more elegant.


There are a lot of Sunfish stories, which seem to be identified by letters. Each letter contains a number of episodes.

A: Allison and Anna both fancy Kevin, and they know how to get his attention.
C: Jim and Cindy meet up supervising kids at the beech. At the end of the day, when the kids have left, they do a bit of carefree clothed swimming. They start dating and Cindy quickly works out what rings Jim's bell. (Only 3 episodes, it appears to be incomplete.
D: Ken has a thing for swim-dresses. Debbie discovers she has a closet full of them.
F: After a long day together Jake invites Sheri for a midnight swim. While she's off to fetch her swimsuit he slips into the pool. She arrives, still wearing her blue dress, and before she gets the chance to change, Jake's charmed her into the pool.
H: A couple meet in the hotel bar and she invites him up to her room, where there's a large whirlpool bath…
J: Twenty years have passed when Jasmine gets a call from her old high school friend Mark. They hit it off and end up back at her place, where Mark entertains her with his jungle fantasy. Jasmine plays along and, before you know it, ends up fully clothed in the shower. Jasmine's obviously in love and knows what her man wants, and she's not shy about giving it to him. (9 episodes)
K: Kathryn and Ted have come back from dinner after their first date and Kathryn suggests they share fantasies. You can guess what Ted's is.
M: Mary's seen a boy she likes, and has a plan to get his attention…
R: Scott and Ari (Arielle) are on their fifth date before Scott nervously introduces Ari to his wetlook fantasies…
S: Susan notices her boyfriend Roger flicking through her magazines while she's on the phone, and which pages he lingers on. She decides to give him a treat, but first she has to get some practice - in her hot-tub.

The Princess

This story is in two parts, the first part may be by someone called Eddy, the second by Colin Roberts.

In the first the Princess, in ball gown and the works, arrives late at a society bash to find a number of the guests already in the pool, still sporting their formal wear. The Princess thinking this looks like fun pushes her snooty lady-in-waiting into the pool and jumps in after her.

The second part attempts to continue the theme, but reads more like a story board waiting for some flesh to be added.

The Princess: Two separate parts of a story about a princess by different authors.

John Smith

These stories are quite epic and well worth a read.

Wedding Day Detour: This is a real tour de force, featuring bride and bridesmaids, receptionist Linda, and a whole army of wedding guests, battling with mud, water and blueberry sauce.
Curfew Violations: Another epic. This time set in a 50's girl's school, where no end of smart clothes get ruined. The house mothers, who force this wetlook punishment on to the girls, seem to get a secret pleasure from the concept which becomes clear at the end.
Water-courting Kathy: Has to be my favourite story. Guy meets girl, suggests she gets wet, she loves it. 'nuff said.

Translations and Rewrites

Many of the stories on Siren's site are written in languages other than English. Here I have attempted to translate some of them using the various tools on-line. Hopefully you will like the results.

Matty4: These are my translations from the original German on Siren's site.

These stories are about Caro (Carolin) who enjoys getting wet, mainly in jeans and t-shirts.
Rwetter: Again, translated from the original German on Siren's site.

Tanya, in her business suit, gets totally soaked in the rain. By the time she gets home she's so cold she steps straignt into a warm shower. After initially feeling strange she decide she enjoys it. From then onwards she's hooked.
JMitik: This story also from Siren's stories site. In this case I tried to make the prose a little clearer, apologies if I've failed.

It is about two mothers and their daughters who like to celebrate birthdays by wading into the swimming pool in their party outfits, bags and all.
Agent Eagle: Another collection of stories from Siren's site and another attempt to clean up the prose.

Amanda/Ashley (Agent Eagle) and her frieds seem to enjoy getting wet at every opportunity, destroying phones and accessories without a care.
AlexKievUA: These are translated by me from AlexKievUA's stories originally posted in Russian on Siren's site.

A story from the perspective of "Victoria", who discovers a cache of wetlook photos on her boyfriend's computer.
Medikava: These are translated by me from medikava's stories originally posted in Russian on Siren's site.

The first story is a collection of short scenes around a midsummer water festival. The second (Maria, Wetlook Queen) starts of as if inspired by John Smith's "Curfew Violations", but then heads off in a rather surreal direction.
Sjakie: Translations of stories by Sjakie, the originals (in Dutch) are on Siren's site.

Stories centred around Dutch outdoor survival games.
BeachDreamer: Translations of stories by BeachDreamer, the originals are in German.

I didn't finish them all, these days Google will probably do a better job anyway… Last time I checked they were still online at