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This section contains some of the wetlook stories I've downloaded from the internet. I've tried to keep the original attribution, where possible, but some stories either never had any or I've lost them somewhere.

I've edited the layout of the stories to try and create a consistent look and feel across the site. I've also corrected some spelling and other typos. Where stories were originally published as a series of episodes I've concatenated them into a single page, but kept the original chapter headings.

If the original authors object to their work being included on this site, or would like to add any additional background information please contact me at eddaardvark@yahoo.co.uk.



Other Pages


The Stories

To download a story, click on the picture.

   The pictures are from my collection downloaded from the internet,
            they are only loosely, if at all, related to the story content.
            If any of these belong to you and you want them credited or removed
            please let me know.

Bruno's Stories

Bruno is (at the time of writing) the largest contributor to Siren's story page. Most of his stories are in English but some are in French or German. I've collected the English and German ones here, I'm still working on the French ones.


Other Stories


Donna and Chad (By "RM")



There are a lot of Sunfish stories, which seem to be identified by letters. Each letter contains a number of episodes.


Eddy and Colin Roberts

This story, the first part may be by someone called Eddy, the second by Colin Roberts.

In the first the Princess, in ball gown and the works, arrives late at a society bash to find a number of the guests already in the pool, still sporting their formal wear. The Princess thinking this looks like fun pushes her snooty lady-in-waiting into the pool and jumps in after her.

The second part attempts to continue the theme, but reads more like a story board waiting for some flesh to be added.


John Smith


Translations and Rewrites

Many of the stories on Siren's site are written in languages other than English. Here I have attempted to translate some of them using the various tools on-line. Hopefully you will like the results.